Shaman - Council of Elders


Bearcloud is a Native American shaman and elder of the Ni-U-Kon-ska and Lakota traditions. He practices sacred ceremony in an ancient tribal manner. Bearcloud is also a Vision Seeker and extraordinary artist in oils. His paintings reflect the shamanic practices of Native American traditions.


Bearcloud does not like to call himself a shaman, as this is not the way elders see themselves. In terms of how the white culture sees a medicine man however, Bearcloud is indeed a shaman, practicing the sacred pipe ceremony and the rituals of the sweat lodge. Bearcloud makes his sacred ceremonies available to all who come for the right reasons. As a shaman, he leads people through the healing cleanse of the sweat lodge and guides them with sacred songs and prayers. The ceremonial pipe is passed during the appropriate phase of the sweat lodge ritual, and each participant offers up prayers or intentions with the ritual pipe.


Bearcloud is a true medicine man of the ancient Native American traditions. He has been taught by elders since his youth and he follows, in a sacred manner, the teachings of the ancient ways.


As a shaman, Bearcloud is also a visionary. He is a Vision Keeper for the ways of a New Earth. The Chameleon Project is a product of seven years of visions Bearcloud has received. He has painted many of these visions on huge canvasses. Others he has rendered in computer graphics, showing in a shamanic manner, the sacred geometry of the symbols that guide us into awakening.


Renderings of Bearcloud's paintings of the Chameleon Pyramids vision are available on this website in articles Bearcloud has written, called The Chameleon Project Beginnings, and The Chameleon Pyramids. Bearcloud also sells at his Edge of Town Gallery in Sedona, Arizona, giclees of all his Chameleon Project Paintings.


As a Vision Seeker and Vision Keeper, Bearcloud is a tribal elder in a new manner. Still in his late fifties, Bearcloud cannot really claim old age as his ticket to elderhood. Indeed, Bearcloud does not himself personally declare himself to be an elder, yet he functions as an elder for many people who are seeking to discover the ancient tribal ways. In his ways however, he has reached the numbers that declare him an elder. He walks his life and does his work in a sacred manner. Because he is deeply attuned to the Great Spirit and Mother Earth, Bearcloud is a native elder who can be trusted and listened to.


Bearcloud wants us all to hear far more of what the elders have to say. As part of the Chameleon Project, he has created a Native American Council of Elders who will speak through the Chameleon Project web site and through special events coordinated from the "Edge of Town Gallery," the headquarters for the development of the project.


The Council of Elders is led by Golden Eagle, also known as Standing Elk. Bearcloud has asked fellow native elders to stand in for a council of awareness representing Father Spirit and Mother Earth. The Council's teachings are to be made available through the Chameleon Project. The duties the elders have accepted as a council, include answering questions by website visitors and project members. But the Council of Elders' true intent lies in sharing their wisdom and giving clear understanding to all who listen, about how walking in a sacred manner really works!


Golden Eagle has written a widely read book called: Universal and Spiritual Laws of Creator, STAR LAW MANUAL OF THE GALACTIC FEDERATION. As Standing Elk he has led many ceremonies all over North America, and carried, as a Vision Keeper, the ancient tribal ways of his people. Golden Eagle comes from the Yankon Sioux traditions related to the Lakota and Oglala traditions, and is an elder of world repute.


Bearcloud and Golden Eagle are close companions in the ways of Earth and Sky. They both speak for the people and to the people. They are both open to sharing their vision with all peoples of the Earth. They are both shaman who walk in a humble manner.